Holiday Home Learning

Wishing you all a great Winter Break!

We would like you to research Anglo-Saxon Settlements over the holidays and make a 3D model of one to bring into class. Please be ready to talk about the different parts of your model to the class! You can also bring in any other information in any format you would like!

There are also 15 Arena games for you to complete in TTRS before we come back to school.

Happy holidays!

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It’s Production time!

For this year’s End of Term Production of ‘Sinbad the Sailor‘, Year 4 will be performing ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga. Ms Turner has rewritten the lyrics to fit our production so please practise it at home using the backing track below!

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Investigating Angles

Today, we investigated angles using masking tape on our tables. We had to identify which were acute, obtuse or right angles. We then had a go at identifying straight angles and reflex angles. After, we drew our names using straight lines and identified the angles within our names.

Can you identify any angles around your home? Can you explain what each of the different types of angles are? Leave a comment below with your findings!

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The Greatest Showman

On Thursday we got to go to the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton to watch The Greatest Showman. It was a tale of PT Barnum’s Circus for people with curiosities and explored themes such discrimination and discovering what is important in life. We had a great time singing along to the songs and watching it on the big screen.

In English this week we have also learnt that some of the characters were based on real people who were alive in the 1800s. We’ve loved finding out about the real ‘Bearded Lady’, ‘General Tom Thumb’ and ‘Dog Boy’.

Who was your favourite character in the film? What did you enjoy about the story? Can you find out if any of the other characters were based on real people? Leave your responses in the comments below!

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Varjak Paw

This term our Power of Reading book is Varjak Paw. We began our learning by writing predictions on what we thought the text would be about. We had to look at the front cover and infer what we thought ‘This cat must learn to fight’ meant.

After reading the first few chapters, we discussed how Varjak is treated by the rest of his family and what their perceptions of him are. We acted these out into freeze frames with our groups.

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Times Tables Rock Stars

As you know, at the end of Year 4, children will be tested on their times table knowledge, so it is really important that we keep practising them! We would like you to play on Times Table Rockstars for 10 minutes each night to become confident in all your tables up to 12×12!

You have all been given a log in which is stuck in your homework books. Follow this link and log in to play Times Table Rockstars. To find out what your Rockstar Status (level) is, you will need to play in ‘The Studio’ 11 times. Don’t worry if this is tricky at first – the more your play, the better you will get!

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Welcome to 4G’s Blog

Welcome to 4G’s Blog! On this blog you will find photographs of what we have been up to along with games and activities linked to our learning. Keep checking back to see what new things have been added!

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Parent View – How are we doing?

See the source image

While you are here visiting your child’s class blog, why not share your views about Clapham Manor? Your feedback is important to us and helps to shape improvements at our school so click on the web link below and complete a short survey via the Ofsted Parent View platform.




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Ready, Steady, Blog!

We are pleased to announce that we have now rectified the technical issues that led to the delay in our class blogs being active and linked to our school website.

Now that we are back with a bang, don’t forget to check in with us regularly to see how well we are achieving across the curriculum and to keep up to date with all the happenings in each class.

We look forward to welcoming your comments and will be announcing a ‘Blog of the Week’ in each newsletter.

So what is left to say other than… ready, steady, blog!

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Roald Dahl Day

This week 4G will be joining the worldwide celebrations for Roald Dahl Day on Thursday 13th September 2018!


As a class we have decided to read…

If you have not read this wonderful story before, post a comment on what you think the book is about and what you predict will happen, for example:


Who Is Danny?

Why Is he the ‘Champion of the World’?

What adventure do you think lies ahead?


If you have already read this book, post a review but remember not to give away too much, we don’t want spoil it for those who have not read it YET.


Don’t forget to post your comments.


If you want to join in more of the Roald Dahl fun take a look the official website: 


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